Begun in 2011, our mission is to bring comfort, happiness, compassion, love and joy to members of our community.  Some of the places we take our dogs, in addition to local nursing homes, are hospice, both at hospice house and in private homes, memory care units, schools, where we teach dog safety as well as have the children read to the dogs, thus improving their skills exponentially, Boys and Girls Clubs – pretty much anywhere we are asked to go, we go!!   Additionally, we have a presence at our local childrens’ advocacy center, Jessie’s Place, on a daily basis.  Our dogs offer not only companionship to the kids when they are at the center, they often participate in the actual therapy sessions themselves, offering a silent partner to lean on when talking about difficult, often traumatic events.

Dovetailing with our dogs being at Jessie’s Place,  is Courtroom Dogs for Kids – our dogs  not only go through the therapy sessions  , they also are available   to go to court with these children, should that become necessary.


We have just started working with the Florida Dept. of Juvenile Justice to bring some of our dog teams to young people who’ve found themselves on the wrong side of the law, and are now working hard to pull their lives together to become active, valued members of society.  We’re very excited to be a part of this process for these kids, and hope this is just the beginning of a long partnership!

We now number nearly 30 teams, consisting of  “snowbirds” that travel from the cold North to enjoy Florida’s winter sunshine and outside activities, as well as local teams who are here year round.  Our dogs vary in size from 4lbs to 140lbs!!  No one breed is particularly suited to therapy work – the most individual mutts out there are sometimes the best!

We hope you will take the time to wander through our pages, and maybe even join our group.  We welcome those wanting to become new members of NCTD!  Please feel free to call our office to request more information  or having a program at your place of work, school or after -school group.


12 Responses to HOME

  1. Deborah Busch says:

    Hi Joanne, It was a pleasure to meet you today with Rafael and Julie. Great website and brochures. Hope to see you again soon. Deborah

  2. JoAnn Bock says:

    Hello, had good fortune to meet “John” in beverlyhills publix with his therapy doodle, he gave me this contact info. I have a 3 yr rescue – doodle and would like to begin his therapy training. I am relocating to caregive for mother and know this dog would be a wonderful candidate. Look forward to hearing from you, sincerely, JoAnn

  3. Donna Mc Kee says:

    I was so excited to meet you today at the Farm Store in Homosassa.
    The dogs were wonderful as well as their handlers. I can’t wait to get started with
    my Bichon Frise in a couple of weeks.
    Thanks for all you and your group do. I know your organization makes a lot of people very happy.

  4. Jeff Cook says:

    I got your contact from Rafael Cabrera
    I live in Inverness and have a 3mo. 3/4Yellow Lab. 1/4 Golden Ret.puppy.
    My goal is to start her training now and all the way to a service dog.
    Any help you could provide would be great.
    Thank you.
    Jeff Cook
    352 464-1051

  5. Marbette Baker says:

    I believe I spoke to someone last. Summer. Im interested in getting my dog tested to be a Therapy animal.I was told that there would be a class starting in January. What do I need to do?

  6. Marbette Baker says:

    I hope you received my email a few minutes ago here it is shorter version I’m interested in getting my dog into therapy work I was told the red be a class starting in January, what do I need to do?

    • wolfshandler says:

      Hi Marbette – yes, we are having a workshop on january 16th from 10-2ish at Jessie’s Place (1410 Lecanto Hwy, Lecanto). You need to bring your dog and shot record. we’ll provide a lunch for you. This is our annual workshop where you’ll learn all that’s involved in becoming a viable therapy team. I look forward to having you there! Please call my office (352-503-7175) to confirm a place.

      Happy Holidays!

      Joanne Peters

  7. Marbette Baker says:

    I’m interested in my friendly little Yorkie poo to become a Therapy animal.can you give me info to apply

  8. As soon as we can we hope to join you. We will be looking for a obidence class first. Thanks

    • wolfshandler says:

      Hello! Thank you for wanting to join us – we offer obedience classes readying our dog teams for therapy work – we meet at Tractor Supply Company in Homosassa each wednesday at 2pm and Saturdays at 10am……..if you would like to talk with me first, please feel free to call me and we can set something up – There is a bit of paperwork to be gone over!

      Looking forward to hearing from you –

      Joanne Peters

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